I have mandriva 2007.0 i586, but thats not the problem, its cedega, it came with the distro and is ver, 5.2.6, but the game that came pre-installed with it won't run properly, on the game list it shows medal of honor allied assualt, didn't run for me, america's army 2.8.1, didn't run, ventrilo started up but couldn't find codecs lol, what did i do wrong, since america's army has a exe setup file that directs to a msi installer, what am i doing wrong here, should i use the installers to install the games, how does cedega work other than emulating the windozZze os, i really want to cross over to linux fully and i like this distro more than any other i have tried, or is there a more compatible distro i can use with the cedega install i already have?