PlaneShift - A 3D Fantasy MMORPG

In short: the engine is GPL, the rest (art, rules etc.) is under a rather restrictive license.

I don't like that. I want it all under rather unrestrictive licenses. I certainly don't want to start a discussion about licenses. They chose that license, and that's simply their right to do so. And it is my right to do something different.

If someone wants to help in preparing a first, simplistic and not too useful, but fully free Planeshift derivative, one that everyone can build his own ideas on and then put those ideas into a common and hopefully rapidly growing world, then please tell me. I have already set up a SVN repository plus WebSVN interface. The first step would be to replace the few data files coming with the CVS distribution with free content. Avatars, for example, are avaiable under the GPL from the cal3d project (although I have not yet found out how to put them into Planeshift).

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