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    PC based etertainment system

    Ok guys, here's the challenge. I want to set up an entire media center based around a PC running ubuntu to control everything in the setup with a wireless keyboard and mouse, (or else something like the remote that came with an ATI video card of mine). I want to be able to do the things listed below without having to get off of my couch . I don't intend to use the PC for much else, except maybe web browsing and, so it doesn't need to be a beast of a computer, but I will need some hardware to set it up the way I want it, and I'm hoping you guys can recommend some that will play nice with linux out of the box, as well as a good media center app to control it all from. Feel free to suggest some (not too overly expensive) upgrades. O.k., here's what I want it to do (most of which will probably be controlled by the video card).

    I want to have the computer display on a t.v. instead of on a monitor, for obvious reasons.

    I want to have multiple inputs on the computer including, an antenna in jack for my satellite to connect to, Standard definition (for now) composite AV (Red, white, and yellow) cable input from my xbox 360 and ps2 and I want to be able to switch between them without having to change any cables around.

    Come to think of it, I might not even really need a full OS, all I want it to do is switch between the inputs with a few key presses and act as a TiVo as well. What video card, other hardware, and software would you guys recommend for a setup like this? My xbox 360 would be ideal if you could transfer files to it, browse the web, and run an input into it (2 of the 3 I accomplished on my last xbox thanks to Xubuntu )

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    Running Linux on the Xbox 360 is quite difficult at the moment, unless you have an earlier version of the dashboard (i.e. no xbox live updates) and King Kong. Not really worth it at the moment.

    There are a few options. MythTV is the main choice for a lot of people but you generally have to have a passing knowledge of MySQL for the backend. There are a lot of live distros and tools out there to do the config work for you.

    A good one for Ubuntu is : -


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    Yeah, I know it's exponentially more difficult than the origninal xbox, that's why I want to set up a full PC to take over for it, due to all of the 360's limitations (until someone writes an easier hack). Thanks for the software suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtomrodney View Post
    Running Linux on the Xbox 360 is quite difficult at the moment, unless you have an earlier version of the dashboard (i.e. no xbox live updates) and King Kong.
    Not a great way to help, I know, but there IS a way to remove any and all Xbox Live updates... sadly, I don't recall how.

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    I have no intention of installing linux on my 360, I still use xbox live. All I want is some guidance on a good video card to buy with t.v. input and output that is supported well under linux.

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