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    Help me to choose Comp. ..please read

    ok lets start off by saying "hi, and im new" and that i totally support open source and the linux based OS systems. yeaa!!

    now that that over with lets get down to business

    ok well basicly my 18th birthday is coming up and im going to ask for a new computer on thats my own and i can do what i want with it. I plan to run native Ubuntu linux on it with no other boots. I plan on doing some DEVing on it and also testing games.. and playing them to. what i am wondering is if you guys can recommend a computer for me that will be the most compatible with linux.. have the best resources such as wifi and and drives.

    now i havent been in on the loop of computers in awhile now.. so thats why i am asking you guys this.

    now theres alot of options for me. which in sense complicates the elimination process quite a bit i would think but i will do my best to set some guide lines

    first of lets start as basic as it gets ... desktop or laptop/notebook
    well that is the question i mean i like the mobility of notebooks but desktops are fine.... either way its not really a factor for me

    k now.. PC or mac
    well PC is fine i guess.. ive never had a mac but running linux anyways it wouldnt really matter.. as long as its compatible and there is a less problems as possible.. but im also looking for the most secure..

    i think that pretty much covers it.. i mean im looking for price to nothing to much .. thats why desktops are probably more realiztic.. but yeah just try to pick out a few that are optimal

    i would really appreciate it

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    If you plan to run ubuntu on Laptop , you can get one Dell ubuntu Laptop

    And you can customize it to get a nvidia VGA it's better for Gaming and desktop effects.

    If you want to have a PC and run Linux in it make sure to get the Hardware are Linux compatible.

    1)- Wifi intel ipw2200 or ipw3945 both are great under Linux
    2)- VGA nvidia or Intel
    3)- Sound , ensonic runs well under Linux ,or intel

    for the other specification it's up to you to decide , you'll not have any problem concerning the monitor (viewsonic is good) or the HDD or the RAM or the Board (i always prefer Intel)-

    for the mouse and the keyboard don't buy anything related to MS , a simple Genuis mouse and keyboard are better.

    Linux is not only an operating system, it's a philosophy.

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    ok thank you for your quick and informative reply. first off thank you i hope i have a good b-day also.. ha

    but yeah as far as the dell thing i remember hearing about it featuring ubuntu but it really never crossed my mind. thank you for that suggestion and thats might be were ill end up... i think thats great that linux is being recongnized like that

    anyways thank you for the info on the hardware aspect...

    and i think thats all i need for now thank you again and i welcome any other relpies

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