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    According to the Handbook, that is exacly what you are doing. Moving from the livecd, to your installed environment.
    Here is a quote from Chapter 6 of the handbook.
    6.a. Chrooting

    Mounting the proc Filesystem

    Mount the /proc filesystem on /mnt/gentoo/proc to allow the installation to use the kernel-provided information even within the chrooted environment.

    Code Listing 1: Mounting /proc

    # mount -t proc none /mnt/gentoo/proc
    So now you are using the kernel that was on the cd, now it is in the installed environment.
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    You can unmount the live cd while booted by passing the cdcache option when you first boot the livecd.
    It will load the entire system into RAM allowing you to unmount the cd. When the live cd gets to the grub menu press F1 and F2 for a list of kernels and options.

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    Hi there, having similar problems myself! Working through with the advice given...

    To TCM though, if the eject button stops working (and if often does when using boot disks) there is usually a tiny little hole on the front of the drive which is a manual override. carefully stick a paper clip or a bit of wire into it and the drive should pop open

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    C'mon, the installation says right there in the doc...

    (This is assuming you haven't chrooted yet)
    mkdir /mnt/gentoo/usr/portage/distfiles
    cp /mnt/cdrom/distfiles/* /mnt/gentoo/usr/portage/distfiles/

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