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    No internet on clean gentoo

    Well I installed from a minimal CD so I downloaded everything during the install and I could also browse the internet via links and stuff, so the cd knew that I had internet and could connect to it. After I was done with the CD I took it out and booted up and I couldn't ping Google or anything like that and ifconfig shows eth0 and lo about what it should look like but in /dev/ there is no eth0. Don't know if that's a problem. Right now, to install any packages I have to boot up on the CD and then mount my hard drives and install something with emerge because it's the only way it will autodetect the internet. Also, when I boot up to regular gentoo on my hda3 I can do the command:
    dhcpcd eth0
    and it says that it's already active...and I've always use DHCP to connect to the internet on every OS I've had.

    I know everyone says to read through the forums on this one but I've read some of the responses and none of them have answered my questions. I also installed hotplug and I tried to install coldplug but it said that it couldn't because it 'conflicted' or something with hotplug.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Make sure the module is loaded, and make sure it is using the correct module.

    eth0 could be firewire or something like that. You might want to check that out. I know on my laptop my wired connection is eth1.

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    Thumbs up Oh man!

    I read your message on my laptop as I was typing dhcpcd eth0 on my desktop and it said it was running and it showed a file afterwards.

    I navigated to the file (/var/run/ and moves it to and then ran dhcpcd eth0 and now I can connect to the internet just perfect! : )

    Hopefully if someone else encounters this problem they can fix it the same way I did. I'm not sure if I have to delete that file every time I start up, but if I do I can just make a little script for it.

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