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Thread: Out of Range

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    Out of Range

    I just recently installed xorg-x11 and the ati drivers for my ati card (It's a 512MB ATI Radeon X1950XTX with liquid cooling) and when I startx, my monitor flashes black, and then goes back and just has a little blue box in the center that says "Out of Range".

    I'm guessing the horizontal and vertical sync rates are out of range..because it's supposed to do a 1440x900 resolution and I have 800x600 set to default

    I have a Hanns-G 19" Widescreen JW199 TFT LCD and I can't find anywhere on the box or on the internet where the horizontal or vertical sync rates are. : (

    I can't find any papers on it..does anyone know safe rates?

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    I couldn't find anything online about refresh rates, either.

    f you don't have a paper manual for the monitor, look on any CDs included with the package because the manual might be there, perhaps in .pdf format.

    Just so you can have some idea about LCD refresh rates, my 19" (not widescreen) LCD refresh rates are:

    HorizSync   30-81
    VertRefresh 56-75
    Hope it helps...


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