I am in the throws of making an awesome fileserver/bittorrent downloader/wireless ap I have already got smb, ftp and azureus running as a daemon with remote control via web browser and ssh (isnt linux sooo good!). The thing is I am having some major trouble trying to install the zd1211 drivers for my usb wireless adapter.

I have managed to compile the drivers into a zd1211.o file (i use 2.4 since im running gentoox on an xbox this is just gentoo with a downgraded kernel and some extra drivers for the xbox tv out chip) and placed it in /lib/modules/ where i run:

insmod zd1211.o

I get

zd1211.o: zd1211.o: unresolved symbol wireless_send_event

now i know that has to be something to do with the kernel configuration but i cant seem to find anything in the kernel sources or 'make menuconfig' that resembles this. Also when i run:

depmod -a

(which should install it aswell i think) I get a segmentation fault. How annoying, why cant it just work or at least tell me what memory its trying to access and why.

Any ideas please help. I am soo close to creating my 15 (xbox with faulty dvd off ebay) dream machine.