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None of the advice given in reply to date addressed the problem for me. I used the Gentoo Handbook for the install, so all the advice around genkernel spoke to things that weren't an issue for me.

The magic is this: VMWare Workstation 5.0 emulates a SCSI driver supported by the MPT Fusion driver. This driver is included as a module in the LiveCD kernel config, (which the Handbook instructs you to use), but it is not included in genkernel's MODULES_SCSI list defined in the x86 architecture's modules_load file (/usr/share/genkernel/x86/modules_load).

Simply add mptbase and mptscsih to MODULES_SCSI in that file (or the appropriate file for your architecture), then rerun genkernel, e.g.

genkernel --no-clean --no-mrproper --no-menuconfig --udev --install all

Now inittrd will contain drivers that support the SCSI controller emulated by VMWare.
I am trying to install the latest gentoo i686 on VMware in XP. I am having the same trouble (can't mount sda3 as root) so I tried using genkernel with the -udev options, putting doscsi. Then I read here that I need to include these two drivers in the MODULES_SCSI line. Problem is, they're already there!

So, what am I missing to load sda3? My grub is this:
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/kernel-genkernel root=/dev/sda3 doscsi

Thanks in advance!