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Thread: ebuild question

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    ebuild question

    hi, i found this piece of code on the net for the ebuild command that works for a gentoo box.
    DESCRIPTION="Name Service Switch module for use with PostgreSQL"
    src_unpack() {
    	unpack ${A}
    	cd "${S}"
    	epatch "${FILESDIR}/${P}-gentoo.patch"
    	epatch "${FILESDIR}/${P}-schema.patch"
    	epatch "${FILESDIR}/${P}-setgrent_fixed.patch"
    src_compile() {
    	econf \
    		--libdir=/lib \
    		--with-docdir=/usr/share/doc/${PF}/html || die "econf failed"
    	emake || die "emake failed"
    src_install() {
    	insinto /$(get_libdir)
    	doins src/.libs/
    	dosym /lib/
    	dosym /lib/
    	dodoc AUTHORS ChangeLog NEWS README
    	dohtml doc/*.{png,html}
    	insinto /usr/share/doc/${PF}/examples
    	doins conf/*
    pkg_postinst() {
    	elog "Next steps:"
    	elog "1. Create the required tables in the database:"
    	elog "   $ psql a_database -f ${ROOT}usr/share/${PN}/conf/dbschema.sql"
    	elog "2. Create the configuration file '/etc/nss-pgsql.conf'"
    	elog "   You can copy the example from ${ROOT}usr/share/doc/${PF}/examples/nss-pgsql.conf"
    	elog "3. Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf to use the NSS service 'pgsql'"
    	elog "   An example is available here: ${ROOT}usr/share/doc/${PF}/examples/nsswitch.conf"
    i have no idea what this command does and was hoping someone can help me translate the code to something that will work for a fedora core 6 box.

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    Those are contents of an ebuild file, Gentoo uses a package manager called portage that parses that file (downloads the source code and compiles it) automatically. An ebuild file will not work under Fedora unless some major hacking to the base system is done.

    It looks there there is no RPM release for the package, you would have to download the source code from PgFoundry: NSS and PAM Modules: Project Info

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