Using Gentoo 2.6.22 and VMWare Virtual Infrastructure Server/Client and I'm not able to get the build to see /dev/sda after the initial reboot. It says invalid root. The VMWare uses an LSI logic SCSI driver which I'm able to configure perfectly during the chroot session when I'm compiling etc. but as soon as I reboot it does not see it any longer.

I made sure to follow the steps outlined in HOWTO Install Gentoo on VMware in Windows NT/2K/XP - Gentoo Linux Wiki with no luck, FusionMPT and SCSI down level drivers are loaded in the menuconfig prior to compiling the kernel. Also I have not added them as modules, all are built into the kernel when compiling.

There was a patch mentioned here: but I don't think it applies and I have no idea how to even install it.

Has anyone else had any luck getting Gentoo to boot on a VMWARE ESX Server setup? I just can't get the driver to load.