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    Unhappy Low performance mystery

    While I know that Sabayon is not Gentoo, I'm posting this because I believe that this problem is not Sabayon-application-related.

    Basically I've got a brand new laptop with a powerful set of hardware. While Sabayon does configure all the hardware and gets all elements of the system up and running (including Compiz and such) everything is awfully slow.

    As i dual-boot Windows XP I've confirmed that all the hardware works well when the proper drivers get installed (I got a driver disk for Windows with the computer). I can play stuff like Oblivion or Battlefield 2142 on highest setting without the slightest lag.

    The thing is that I experienced similar slow-down when I didn't yet have the nVidia-drivers installed in Windows (for card, check specs on bottom). This however (due to it being a Windows-symptom) might have nothing to do with this.

    To get a general idea of the speed I get i might say that most effects in Compiz work well (however not flawlessly) right after KDE has finished getting all the stuff online, however by just turning on Firefox and open up two pages in tabs, I'll already be getting irritatingly low performance on ALL operations (application response, loading pages, typing).

    1. "emerge --sync && emerge nvidia-drivers" has already been run, with no effect. This both with the "~x86" flag and without it.
    2. Missing flags such as "opengl qt4 qt3 qt3support gtk sdl png gif" have been added to USE, this didn't change anything AFAIK.
    3. Beagle (indexing service) has been unmerged.
    4. "eselect opengl set nvidia" has been run.
    5. The driver is set to "nvidia".
    6. AddARGGLXVisuals is set to "true".
    7. Composite is enabled.
    8. AIGLX is turned on.

    Also worth mentioning is that i get low performance in ALL desktop managers (by low i mean that it should go faster, it's however less noticeable on stuff like fluxbox).

    I appreciate any help.

    CPU: Intel Dual Core 2,20 GHz
    G-CARD: nVidia Geforce 8600M GT
    RAM: 2048 MB
    HDD: 7200 RPM, 120Gb (35Gb Windows, 84.5Gb /, 0.5Gb swap)
    Current Resolution: 1680x1050

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    I don't know how much this will help.
    But you can try it.
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    Thanks, I'll try it out.
    Although I don't believe this is an uncompression matter, one can never be certain.

    Any other ideas in the meantime?

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    Another clue to solve this mystery of mine.

    I tried playing Savage and Warsow today (hadn't done this until now as I thought everything would be slow anyway)... and I got insane fps rates!

    This makes me believe that if performance sucks outside of fullscreen OpenGL games then something might be wrong with desktop processing.
    Mind you that this was done when Metacity was chosen through FusionIcon, I'll try having Compiz turned on instead soon.

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    You might also want to emerge --sync && layman -S . Then update portage. Then you may have config files to update with dispatch-conf.


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