My school has very annoying filters designed to keep kids away from inappropriate sites. Everyone knows filters usually end up blocking more than that. My AP history teacher was trying to access a site about the Ku Klux Klan and he was blocked by that stupid filter. I suggested he use a proxy but when he googled it apparently those awesome IT guys had blocked every proxy they could find on the net Mad . So that was when i decided I would attempt to create my own proxy and I just so happen to have the means to do it - gentoox. Gentoox for those who don't know is a gentoo linux on an xbox, but it is not watered-down it is gentoo just not on a pc. I have often used my xbox as a server for telnet, ssh, vnc, ftp and other protocols. But now i would like to use it as a proxy so i can bypass those stupid filters.
Here's what i want to be able to do:

my xbox is directly connected to my router always given the local ip

i want to be able to forward the port 1080(standard http protocol port) through my router to that ip.

when a browser goes to my ip my router will make the connection according to that port.

i want to find an application that will allow the person to pick any address and surf the web through my proxy so that i could bypass these filters.

I searched around forever and finally found a daemon called sockd or dante. The problem is that i have no idea how to configure it i've tried editing the configuration file but i am so unfamiliar with the way this application works that i'm not quite sure what is right and what is wrong and when the daemon is running i don't see any listening ports at all.

Here is one site that shows how to configure the .conf file:

Linux Lore: Gentoo Linux HOWTO configure a SOCKS proxy server

now here's what my configuration looks like, it has no syntax errors, but it still doesn't provide me with what i need:

logoutput: syslog
internal: eth0 port = 1080
external: eth0
method: username none
user.notprivileged: nobody

client pass {
from: port 1-65535 to:

Here's some details about my local network:

IP's range from: to
the subnet mask is:
and the default gateway is:
again my xbox local ip is:

i can forward any port to my xbox so that is no problem but right now i can't even get the proxy to work locally.

Can someone please help me with this config file?