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    Quote Originally Posted by variant
    that means that every 1st install cd is also a live cd?
    Not strictly true.. if you allready have a linux installation then you can do the entire install without rebooting the current system.. you dont even need to be in the same country to install gentoo.. if you have root access to a system remotly via ssh then you can install that way too.. my brother recently rented a redhat server with root access.. he (me also) is in shetland and the server is in germany, useing ssh he was able to install gentoo remotly and when he rebooted gentoo loaded instead of rh
    But it would totally suck if you forgot to emerge openssh and add it to the default runlevel before you rebooted. Or even missed something at the kernel configuration.
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    I recently suffered that, not the reboot w/o sh, but the livecd scrambles the password after you disconnect, I left while compiling system, and came back the next morning to find my passwd was scrabled.....that was annoying, made sense, but was annoying.
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    the password is random.. you should set the password with passwd command if you plan to use it over ssh..

    sarumont: yep.. my brother did that but lukily the server he rents has a network boot debian rescue system which can be controlled via a web interface :D

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    I'm installing gentoo at the moment I have to say, it IS extremely well documented.. I'm currently compiling emu10k1, been doing that for ~2h (had depencies so the list of programs to compile just grew bigger ).. Hopefully everything goes fine, and I can be using my gentoo tomorrow

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