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    Installing Gentoo - Problems on problems.

    So, i just got my new hardware pieces.
    And i built the PC and started it, all good so far.
    I insterted the gentoo CD with image "install-amd64-minimal-2008.0_beta1.iso".
    ALSO tried more, even tried DEBIAN.

    I'm dam lost, i think the KERNEL doesnt support my motherboard. Im so ** angry on MSI now, i want to just go to the store tomorrow and buy a new motherboard, but its "alot" of work to pull all the hardware into pieces again...

    So are there _any_ way to get gentoo working for me , with my current hardware?

    Here is the error messages i get:

    "Could not find CD to boot, something else needed!"
    "Attempting to mount media: - /dev/sda"
    etc.. these 2 fails.

    Here is my hardware..
    OCZ DDR2 4096MB Gold GX XTC Dual PC2-6400 2x2048MB 800MHz. (5-5-5-1) X 2
    MSI P35 NEO-F, P35, Socket-775 DDR2, 1333FSB, ATX, GbLAN, PCI-Ex X 1
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz 8MB, BOXED m/vifte Socket 775 X 1
    Samsung 160GB 3,5" S-ATA II (NCQ) HD161HJ 8ms X 1
    Fortron/Source Strømforsyning ATX 400 Bulk, 120mm Vifte, SATA, 20/24pin X 1
    ASUS GeForce 8400GS 256MB PCIe 256MB DDR2/Tv-Out/DVI-I/HDTV/HDC X 1

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    When did you get this error ?

    Was is during the boot of the LiveCD ?

    I think you should inquire to the Gentoo forum

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    Is your cd-rom connected to the ide port or sata? I know that it isn't the P35 chipset (as I have one running fine) but it could be the storage chipset that gigabyte uses.

    You can install Gentoo by using another livecd, try ubuntu, knoppix, or others to see if one or all can boot. If you get one to boot, then just install Gentoo from there.

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