I got a strange problem: bootloader can't boot any kernel that's on the HDD. Device is PlayStation 3 (40 GB, XBM 2.30). I've tried to use following bootloaders:
kBoot (original version) - fails to boot anything (including CDs/DVDs, I've tried to boot kernel manually using kexec - no luck, everything hags up after USB unregistration)
kBoot (USB unregistration fixed) - it doesn't recognize my keyoard, so - no chance to test =((
PetitBoot (original, OpenWRT based) - same as kBoot
PetitBoot (from openSUSE 10.3) - loads openSUSE kernel bundled on install CD/DVD, no luck booting something else. Doesn't boot anything from HDD (including the same but installed kernel)

Currently I'm trying to get Gentoo 2008.0_beta2 (with self-configed and compiled kernel) up & running, but I'm still out of any success. I should say that the system itself works just fine (I've successfully chrooted in from kBoot and openSUSE 10.3 install CD mentioned before).

Any ideas?