I've ran into a minor problem with resizing a Firefox browser window using Compiz-Fusion's "Resize Window" plugin. While I can resize any other window just fine, resizing Firefox freezes the X server to a point where it needs to be zapped. This behavior occurs irregardless of what mode is used in the resize plugin.

Another odd behavior is that if I place the mouse cursor right on the window border (right, bottom, bottom-right borders), Firefox resizes just fine. But clicking on the bottom-right corner of Firefox's chrome freezes X.

Also, normal mode in the resize plugin renders very slowly, which I've heard is true for most (if not all) systems out there.

One solution is to not use Compiz-Fusion, if you consider that an option. Another solution is to somehow remove that resize "button" from Firefox's chrome (or just not click on it). But what would be a great solution is to use a more stable window resizer in place of the "Resize Window" plugin.

Any thoughts?

System Info:
Gentoo AMD64 (2.6.24 gentoo-sources)
Nvidia GeForce 7600GT

X Info:
Xorg 7 w/ nvidia-drivers
KDE 3.5.9
Emerald decorator
Compiz-Fusion 0.6.0