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    Internet died after finishing install and then rebooting...


    I burned a copy of the Gentoo 2007 x86 install minimal and dove in with an old IBM Thinkpad with 256 meg ram. I worked through the excellent installation instructions. Things were looking good. I downloaded the 2008 Beta 2 version of Stage 3 and got that rolling. Throughout the process I was surfing the web (in text!) and downloading stuff. I was feeling *really* smart.

    Rebooting went fine... the login prompt comes up and I can log in as root. I have an actual Linux install and *I* did it! Yay! Except... now internet is dead. I try stuff like "emerge emacs" and it just dies with multiple "Temporary failure in name resolution" errors where it's trying to pull stuff from the web.

    Google pointed me towards /etc/resolv.conf as being the problem. I used the command "ipconfig /all" on a windows box to find out what my DNS servers were. The first line of that file is "domain" and then the "Connection-specific DNS suffix returned by the ipconfig command. No quotes; all caps. Then I have two nameserver lines using the two DNS servers returned by the ipconfig command.

    I tried the emerge command again and it still dies even after rebooting.

    So my question is... how can I get internet back up so I can install more packages? It was working from the live CD and throughout the install process.... What do I do now?

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    Form your post is not clear what exactly you are missing.

    Generally, you need:

    0. kernel support for your NIC (ifconfig -a will show if device exists);
    1. net connection configured (can be done manually with ifconfig and route or dhcpcd), to start the interface automatically do rc-config add eth0 default;
    2. a valid nameserver in resolv.conf.

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