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    [SOLVED] Installing Modules for the Kernel

    I too am at the section 7.e. Kernel Modules of the 2008.0 Gentoo installation guide. It says to copy any of the *.o or *.ko modules listed in the 'find' command mentioned by mactabilis and drakebasher. I'm not sure exactly what modules I need to include. I used the genkernel since I am still new to the manual installation of linux. I have always used the graphical installer in the past. So could someone point me to documentation that explains the modules?


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    Welcome to the forums!

    Here's a wiki page that might have the info you need:

    Kernel/Modules - Gentoo Linux Wiki

    Hope it helps.

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    Reply to Ozar

    Thanks Ozar for the welcome and link to the wiki page.

    I read on the wiki page you provided that module-rebuild rebuild would recompile the modules into the kernel after I have initially compiled the kernel. I had actually skipped the module section not knowing which drivers to use, so nothing was added to /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6. I am reading the book "Linux Device Drivers Third Edition by Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro, Rubini, and Greg Kroah-Hartman" in hopes to get a better understanding of how the kernel and modules work. Is there a tool that I could use to scan for device drivers I need to install? I saw earlier in the Gentoo installation guide that modprobe was used when booting into the CD to load network drivers. Would this tool work in some way to "probe" the machine for what I am looking for?

    Actually now that I think about it, I used the genkernel installation script for Gentoo. Below is an excerpt from the gentoo installation guide:

    Now, compile your kernel sources by running genkernel all. Be aware though, as genkernel compiles a kernel that supports almost all hardware, this compilation will take quite a while to finish!

    It says it takes a long time to compile since it supports a lot of hardware. Does this mean I still need to install additional modules? The reason why I am asking is because I am trying to emerge xorg-x11 and I am getting several error messages about dependencies. I am assuming by my not adding the modules is what's causing this to happen. If anyone has an idea what I am doing wrong I would appreciate it.


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    It will take a long time to do a "genkernel all" as it does compile a lot of modules. It however should support your hardware correctly. Once you have a bootable kernel into Gentoo you can then customise which modules you want included, such as checking specifically for your screen card, network card etc

    Installing X however should not depend on your installed kernel modules very much, except maybe for your screen card.

    What errors are you getting on trying to install X?

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    Reinstalled Gentoo

    Hi garyalex,

    "genkernel all" did take a while to compile. You are right about the genkernel script supporting my hardware. I think I messed up my installation playing around with my profiles. So I reinstalled Gentoo and this time I was able to download X with no problems. Before I kept getting redundant dependency errors. I even commented out the USE flags in make.conf. That didn't help, but the reinstall seemed to work this time.

    I was able to install X and I'm trying to install or "emerge" Gnome on my PC, but that has sooo many dependencies it is taking forever.

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