I'm trying for 90th time to install Linux on iBook G3. I can't partition disk according to manual. I used Apple disc utility to make a single HFS+ partition. Booted Gentoo PPC Minimum (net) iunstall disc.

mac-disk /dev/hda

/dev/hda1 Apple_partition_map
/dev/hda2 Apple_HFS Untitled (9.4G)
/dev/hda3 Apple_Free Extra (4.)K) free space

The free space is supposed to be 9.4G. This is where Linux tries to create partition map. Of course when I use comman "b" to set up boot partition, etc.
there's not enough space. OSX Disk Utility You see the HD icon, under that is a second HD icon which becomes hda2 in Gentoo installer which somehow cannot be used.

I can't figure this out.