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    Changing default process priority

    Hey I've ran into a problem with Kooldock for kde when emerging packages. Kooldock runs with a default nice value of 10 where as the compiler is compiling with a nice value of 0. Many the time the menu stops working/hangs/unwanted behaviour. I know i can change the priority with the renice command but is there anyway that you can change the default priority that a program is run with so I do not need to use renice? Thanks!

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    Yes, you can start a program with supplied priority using nice command. The idea is that you can put nice and your command into a shell script and launch the script instead ot the originall one. Is such a sollution satisfactory
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    Is there any other way?

    Such a solution is satisfactory but is there not another way around this? The problem I have found is that I am using kooldock which has a default priority of 10 and when I begin to compile or upgrade apps my kooldock menu does not work as nicely as it should. Using KDE my applications that have been left open are automatically started up each time I log in and kooldock is one of them. How does linux decide the priority a process should be run with? And is there another way I can set the default priority?

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    In the script that has your startup programs to be executed, just edit the command to contain kooldock's native nice switch.
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