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Thread: shaky screen

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    shaky screen

    Hey all, I have a shaky screen in XFree... it used to start after the monitor went to sleep, but now it is permanent, even when i restart the screen is shaky in X.

    I am using a framebuffer with 1024x768 resolution and a resolution of 1280x1024 in X. i've mixed and matched resolutions to no avail. I have also changed the monitor horizontal and vertical refresh rates to something more conservative. No dice.

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of this bastard shaky screen?


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    how old is your monitor?? it could be the behavior of a dying CRT
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    Most likely. My 95 Gateway evx00 is dieing of that haha. Sucks to play games, that's why it's sitting in the corner doing nothing now.

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    monitor new

    My monitor is a whopping 6 months old. And its weird because it started working fine yesterday. It only goes shaky after it switches to the screensaver or something. And... in windows this doesn't happen. Its weird

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    check your refresh rates, thats a very likely culprit.
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    use a program called "ddcxinfo-knoppix" to detect the correct resolutions and refresh rates for you monitor. you can emerge it.

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