I have syslog-ng installed and for some time now at boot, it gives the "failed to start syslog-ng" error. Trying to start it manually produces the same error. I have unmerged syslog-ng and remerged to no avail. I also updated to the newest (as of a week or so ago) version of syslog in portage but received the same error. I then unmerged syslog-ng and merged sysklogd. After that emerged, it also gave me a "Failed to start sysklogd". I am now back to having syslog-ng emerged but I have no idea how to go about figuring out what is keeping it from starting since there is no system logger.... The only thing I have come across that may be the issue is that my "/var/lib/init.d/daemon/" directory has nothing in it. I believe it should have a syslog-ng file? Any help you can offer would be fantastic, thanks a lot.