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    recursive removal

    Ok, my system has hit the point of just plain bloated. is it possible to perhaps remove recursivly, like emerge unmerge kde and it would remove the dependancies installed for KDE, and i dont need this too be deep, but basicaly i want to ger rid of some of this bloat without doing each package individualy. shoudl there be no other way, is it possible to list world in a dependancy tree format?
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    Ok...if you want to remove all things kde, you have to remove all things dependent on kde stuff. Make sure there are no instances of kde things in your world file...and then run a pruneworld -d. This does what emerge depclean && emerge prune should do. That should remove any packages not in your world file and not depended on.

    You can check dependencies via qpkg -q (part of gentoolkit). Umm..after running a pruneworld you may wanna run revcheck-rebuild to make sure that everything has all it's deps.
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