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    I posted in newbie but not many answers so im posting here..

    Hey everyone, i was planning on getting Gentoo Linux for a comp i am going to be building in the next few weeks. This is what i am to be getting and installing Gentoo on...

    with a 40 gig HD, 2 80mm fans, and a 120 mm fan-i want to be cooled really well so i might add more

    getting a nvida graphics card + more ram + sound blaster audigy in the future when i get enough money..

    I think it should run ok, but tell me what you guys/girls think, after i have Gentoo installed i am going to be running these progs mostly(wondering if i can use all on Gentoo)-
    {Gnome Desktop-Gdesklets-Fluxbox}-the main stuff
    the programs-
    WINE(for adobe photoshop+KazaaLite(maybe))
    WINEX(for counter-strike and steam)
    {The Gimp
    XMMS player
    Mozilla Firefox
    ZSNEs}im sure these will all work

    So tell me if ya think this would be a stable system and if i can run those programs fine on it, thx

    P.S. How can linux tell what temp the pc is at because i saw a few screenshots that showed it

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    Gentoo has all the pkgs you could want .. alot of them 'bleeding edge'.
    The temp temp/fan/voltage pkg is lm-sensors (takes some configuration, as do alot of gentoo pkgs) and the gui app you saw may have bee GKrellm.
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    Please do not double post questions. You can bump the original (reply to your own post) if necessary, but please do *not* repost the same question.
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