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    USB Installation Question


    I am planning to try Gentoo this summer, but I want to know.

    1) is it possible to install Gentoo on a usb PERSISTENTLY?
    2) is it possible to install Gentoo (using the minimal installation) on a usb? I mean, is it possible to install on the usb as if it was a normal computer (not a live version)?


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    You should be able to install to USB, but you need to have the facility to boot from the USB drive (otherwise after the install process the system will not boot). I have Arch linux installed on USB pendrive, it boots fine on the laptop with USB boot option, but will not boot on the desktop system I have which has no boot from USB option. The same should apply to Gentoo ... but you need to make sure you have all modules required to access root built into the kernel.

    You will need a separate partition to install to ... I have not actually tried a boot from USB (with minimal install info) and then install to another partition on the same USB drive ... install from a live CD or an existing Linux system might be a bit more straightforward though ...

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    well, you see, I really don't want a LiveCD version...I really want the FULL version...I have 32GB on my usb, so I want it to act as a mini computer.

    By the way, if you know of a tutorial which explains how you do what you just told me, please give it to me. If not, then I'll just figure it out on my own I guess

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    I keep live CDs because all my systems don't support USB boot ... I usually do the install from a live CD. If you want USB then unetbootin will probably help, but Gentoo have guides as well.

    If you have not got the message about Gentoo yet then when you do the install ... use the handbook ! Trust me it will save you lots of problems

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    I will use the handbook for sure.

    It's just I dont want to use unetbootin because it installs the Live version...well at least it does for the other distros....does it install the Live version of Gentoo as well? or is it different for this distro?

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    Good question ... the short answer is I don't know - for Ubuntu the default is to download an image from the net but the only time I used Unetbooting I used a local version of the alternate CD ... I posted some info on this I'll add here when I track it down.

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    Thanks a lot.

    I would really like if my USB had the full version and not the live...I'll check your post

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    A bit of googling gave me this:

    How To Get A Full Install Of Linux On A USB Stick | PCMech

    Overkill indeed, but I think this is the best way.

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    Minimal install CD will have less than live CD ... Gentoo install consists of ...
    create partitions
    create filesystem
    download portage and stage3 tarball
    unpack tarballs
    config some of system
    chroot into new install
    build kernel, some more system config (include install and config bootloader)
    reboot system and install software required

    I can't claim to be an expert ... have a look at the handbook

    Ed: get yourself a copy of SuperGrub - you can use it to help fix boot problems.

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    Oops...just read a bit more on the article I just posted, and apparently my usb flash drive will not be portable if I install the OS on it, meaning that it will be all messed up if I plug it in another computer.

    So I guess I will have to stay with the Live version...

    So, since I have to stay with the Live, can you tell me if it is possible to make Gentoo persistent on my usb?

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