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    Upgrading KDE 3.5 to 4 on sabayon?

    I would like to upgrade kde 3.5 to 4.0 on my Sabayon linux install. I have never upgraded kde before. I would just like to know what I should do before doing this so that I don't run into any major troubles.


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    First of all, my disclaimer. Bear in mind that I am a Gentoo (not Sabayon) user. Hence, I have no real idea of the current status of kde in Sabayon. I am presuming that it will be close enough to the status of kde 4.x in Gentoo, but it might not be that way, since Sabayon is not Gentoo.

    After that disclaimer, in first place, you shouldn't be installing kde 4.0 at all. There's absolutely no reason to do so because any newer release will be *much* more stable than 4.0. Most end users should be using 4.2.4, which is the latest, most complete and bug free version of kde 4.x.

    To be on the safe side I would start by unmerging 3.x first. I have no idea what the safe procedure to do so in Sabayon would be.

    In kde4 (at least in Gentoo), most package will have a new use flag called "kdepreffix", which is used so you can slot kde versions as you could with 3.x. I haven't tested it, and for the sake of simplicity, I suggest disabling it, uninstalling kde 3.x, and then installing 4.x.

    But in any case, I suggest getting additional advice from an experienced Sabayon user.

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    The best thing to do would be to get the latest install disk; I think it's 5.1. It has KDE 4.3.4 out of the box.

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