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    Snmp Synch request with asynch request

    I am sending a snmp synch request (set) and before it gets over i send an asynch request. After that i poll the snmp socket using select(). But even though the asynch operation is successful, i do not get a response on the socket. However, if i send an asynch request alone, the response is immediate and proper.

    Is it that the snmp socket will wait for the synch response and until it gets the response it won't take the asynch response as well.

    Please Help..

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    I'm using GD2 with PHP and I'm trying to create a dynamic compass type thing. What I'd like is simply an arrow image that will change where it's pointing based on the
    get variable I pass to it. Problem is that because the image is square, imagerotate (the function I'm using) makes the overall canvas bigger and bigger, to it's maximum size, at any of the 45 degree angles. This is not what I expected, nor what I want, what I'd much prefer is it to stay exactly in it's place and clipping to occur. I understand how I could do this manually, but to do so, I'd need the dimensions of the newly rotated image, in it's current form, rather than how it was.

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