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    gentoo from linuxformat cd problem

    I have fallen at the first hurdle, I am trying to load Gentoo from the cd`s that came with the Linuxformat mag. I can boot from the cd and the instructions say to type passwd at the prompt that seems to be ok then press Alt-F2 again that seems ok it then says to type links/mnt/cdrom/docs/html/index.html to load the handbook this does not happen any ideas?

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    Links is an internet text browser. You need to make sure there´s a space between it and the url, as below.

    links /mnt/cdrom/docs/html/index.html
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    That could be it if i`m not back posting soon that will be the solution thanks.

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    That was it but as its getting late I will go for it tommorow thanks again.

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    Yeah you definitely need a space in there. I'd really recommend the online manual over the cdrom one though - lots of changes and updates to it since 2002.2 was released, making potential installation problems a lot easier. Check out the most up to date one here:

    You could also try it in links, but I'm not sure what the formatting is going to look like. Might be a bit wonky to behold:


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    Use the cd manual for long enough to get ur ethernet working, then definitely use the online one. btw, my gentoo cd used the links2 command, so I don't know if that ;ll make any diffence. Also, the gentoo handbook looks pretty good in links. well, at least readable.

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