OK as you know I am basically a complete beginner, but since I had a spare laptop I thought it would be fun to try and install gentoo anyway.

Unfortunately when I try and boot it up it gets stuck at "caching service dependencies" and when I get bored and ^C it it gives me error running /sbin/depscan.sh.

I thought maybe there might be something wrong with /sbin/depscan.sh so I looked at it using the systemrescuecd (well usb) and, as I said, I'm a complete beginner I can't pretend I understand exactly what the file is saying but, firstly I assumed that everything up to ebegin "Caching service dependencies" executed properly since it would have to get that far in order for it to print "Caching service dependencies" on my screen (right?)
But also in general I am gonna say, to my untrained eye, there doesn't look to be anything wrong with depscan.sh.

So I wondered if something might be wrong with one of the paths it points to, but I didn't really have much luck following that up (/etc/init.d at least didn't look weird - /bin/gawk I was told "may be a binary file" and... well lets say that if it wasn't its very broken but ...it probably is).

Anyway I am guessing there is nothing wrong with the file, or the things it points to, but unfortunately that puts me kind of at a loss as to what to look into next.

I know I have bitten off more than I can chew with this thing, but now I started I am too stubborn to give up, so I'd really appreciate if someone would help me out.

Basically what I'd really like to know is: is this the kind of situation where I should go through the install process or part of it again, or is there something I can do to it without doing that to fix it?

Edit: I looked at /etc/fstab everything looks fine. I looked at /usr/src/linux/.config - and had no idea what to make of it what with it being so full of things. If I had some clue as to what might be causing this I could look for that specifically, but the whole stumbling in the dark method is getting me nowhere.