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    Bootstrap process issues:

    Good day all,

    I am compiling Gentoo, in the stage of bootstrapping, and for the second time around now of checking out and watching the entire process of the bootstrap I have noticed a few things, firstly:

    [] bash: line 1: /sbin/ Permission denied

    Now I ls -l /sbin/ and get:

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Nov 8 09:17 /mnt/gentoo/sbin/

    So it cannot be executed, however root should be able to I guess - but the question is, is this done on purpose for the bootstrap process?

    Anyway, after the bootstrap has occurred the permissions change so execution is allowed, as if Boot Strap process turns it off? Is this what happens?

    Next thing:

    I noticed a few of these (Different Programs):

    * Applying tmp-1.3.5.patch ...
    * Applying uClibc/libtool patches ...
    * Fixing ${S}/ltconfig...
    * PLEASE CHECK /var/tmp/portage/binutils- [ !! ]

    Now the process of bootstrapping has not stopped, it is carrying on, so I am only just trying to find out if the first issues is caused due to the bootstrapping (On purpose) and the second about ltconfig is just a known thing and it happens to everyone?

    I understand the bootstrap process uses emerge, so a default routine takes place, maybe the bootstrap script makes the above occur as every time I compile this happens?

    Thank for your time, and help.


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    If it doesn't fail I wouldn't worry about it. You could take a look at the script, although you would also need to look at the ebuilds as well. Packages are built in a specific order (because of dependencies). If you are keen to understand the bootstrap process check:
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