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    Changing from gnome 2 kde

    Now that I've chosen to use kde rather than gnome, I need some alternate programs that are native to kde/qt.

    Progs I need alternates for
    Gimp ---- (can this be compiled with kde support?)
    Firefox --- (can this be compiled with kde support?)
    Gaim --- (Kopete? I've used this before but didn't like it too much, I only use msn btw.)
    Games --- (Knights?)
    Programming --- ( I want to do java and c and possibly c++, can kdevelop handle all this?)
    Office --- (I'll probably use OOo rather than k*, unless k* suddenly gets ms support, mainly .doc and .(powerpoint))
    Eog --- (any good image viewers?)

    BTW can konqueror use java? I want to be able to play yahoo chess.

    Can I make it so that aps start during startup in kde? lstarting kopete everytime I login? I know I can do this in gnome but.............

    Post suggestions for programs in the listed catagories or suggest other good programs please.

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    All these things can be used with KDE. And if you have kde in your use flags they will be optimized for use on KDE. I can't really recommend anything but gimp, kdraw sucks. Kopete I know is a gaim alternative yes but I've never used it. There's all the k applications like kwrite but imo nothing compares to open office. As for starting programs when you log in I'm not exactly sure. Lastly, I recommend feh as an image viewer, its text based but very handy.

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