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    mdadm software Raid

    So here it goes

    1x73GB for OS/Swap/Home
    3x500GB for Archive (Family Pictures, Family Video, etc)
    1x1.5 TB for Videos

    I had ubuntu and switched to gentoo, done this serveral times before. I am a fan of gentoo but sometimes it is just a pain... compiling and such.

    When I switched mdadm didn't pick up my RAID 5 (of the 3 500GB hard drives). After search around for the various errors I am getting, no super block, no recognizable superblock, etc. I find a website that seems to have the same problem as mine. I think the URL was but it won't let me put it goo(dot)gl(slash) 9FTHL . I rebuild my raid.

    Now for some reason I was expect to see my raid alive with my data. (Hindsight vision is always 20/20). That did not happen.

    Since then I have not touch the RAID. It has rebuilt itself but no File System has been placed on not.

    Goal: To get all my data and the raid alive or to just get the data off and up it on another hard drive until I can re-create the raid.

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    The only reason I can imagine mdadm not bringing up your raid automatically is because to have upgraded mdadm and overwritten the config file which has the information about your raid setup.

    If this is the case, then you can run mdadm with --scan and another paramter which I cannot remember off the top of my head... a quick google will bring up results. But this will basically scan the harddrives and re-write the config file.

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