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    [SOLVED] No root password prompt

    Hello forum,

    I just installed a recent version of Gentoo (2.6.35-r12 kernel) and Gnome 2.30.2 and gave myself administrative privileges. I can su okay and open programs using gksu on the command line with no problem. But if I try to open a program from the start menu that requires root privileges, no root password prompt pops up but instead I get a popup window saying I do not have administrative rights to open the program.

    I know I can edit the menu editor by prefixing each program name with" gksu" but that is not a fix, that is a workaround.

    My question would be how can I get the root password prompt to pop up when access programs from the start menu that require root privileges?

    Thanks in advance,
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    It has been a while, but I believe that gnome uses the usermode package to make this happen. Is this package installed?

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    Hello markcole,

    The closest thing Gentoo has for the usermode package is one called usermode-utilities and they are tools for Linux usermode virtual machines. It is not installed. Since I don't have a virtual machine, I figured that was the wrong package. Do you think that is the right package?


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    I installed usermode-utilities but that did not help.

    What I did do, however, is make myself a member of the stb-admin group. Then I had to reboot the system for the settings to take place, simply logging out and back in would not work. I also made myself a member of the sabayon-admin group just in case it was needed.


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