I am trying to write to a file on one host, and have the data transfer to a named pipe on another host, to be used by a program. Using netcat, I have this working, but for only 1 character at a time.

This is what I am doing so far:

Host A (
mkfifo fifo
nc -lp 9000 | while read data; do echo $data >fifo; done
Host B (
mkfifo fifo
tail -f /dev/null | nc 9000 <fifo
Host B:
for x in `seq 1 10`; do echo $x >fifo; done
Host A:
tail -f fifo
[no more output]
Doing this, I can only pass 1 character, and then netcat stops forwarding across the pipe. Testing it without named pipes works fine, and testing this on a single host works fine as well. Everything is using netcat 1.10.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.