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    Unable to start X -> Xorg-6.7.0-r3 OR Xfree86-4.3.0

    Hi. I have been having problems getting 3D support on my Gentoo box. I am running a Powercolor Radeon 9600XT Bravo, a Pentium 4 Prescott 2.8A, 1GB DDR333, and a ECS 848-PA *ICH5/i856G*.

    I installed Gentoo 2004.3 up to the point of reboot. I emerge xfree 4.3.0 and then ati-drivers. I FOLLOWED EVERY GUIDE I COULD, and some guides say to do it one way *using kernel 2.4* and some say to use 2.6 and use ATI's drivers. No matter what, the ONLY WAY I CAN EVER GET X to work and get back into KDE is to copy over XF86Config-4 from a knoppix Liveboot! I JUST WANT TO PLAY DOOM3/UT2004! Can anyone help PLEASE!!!!

    P.S. -> Upon copying The file from knoppix, 3D gets turned off.

    even with a DEFAULT *didnt touch anything* just ran the config tools */opt/ati/bin/fglrxconfig* and nano -w /etc/rc.conf i get a cannot enter frame buffer mode, and something about BusID 1:0:1

    i dont understand what all this crap means, is there light at the end of the tunnel? Im really sick of jumping thru a billion hoops just to use Gentoo and KDE.

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    ATI's reputation is quickly declining for Linux support... If you have the extra cash, I would recommend an nVidia card... Their proprietary drivers are *much* better than ATI's, and you can actually get modern graphics performance out of an nVidia card with their drivers.. and they're a cinch to install with gentoo... (yes, i realize that was an extremely long compound sentence... or something of that sort.. i tend to ramble, even when i type.)
    Their code will be beautiful, even if their desks are buried in 3 feet of crap. - esr

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    Well that was really helpful :P

    I have some spare money, but i dont take the easy way out on things generally. I KNOW theres a way to get 3D acceleration using Xfree86 and ati-drivers *since mandrake 9.2/10.0 BOTH work great with my radeon 9600xt, and both use Xfree*, so theres gotta be something.. NEXT?

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    copy the config from mandrake ;)

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    Nevermind guys Fixed the problem last night

    Miraculously, after restoring a drive image using Norton Ghost of a previous install of 2004.2, with a default setup *new install, no other software except whats needed to boot*, and then emerging xfree86 AND ati-drivers, and then running fglrxconfig & opengl-update ati, i get 3D accel @ 2800FPS for glxgears doom3 and ut2004 run nicely.

    Now, how about getting sound to work? LOL DAMNIT IF ITS NOT ONE THING ITS ANOTHER

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    you told me that sound does work in other things... i suspect that you don't have hardware mixing support in your sound drivers. something has to be tying up the sound if it works in xmms and kde... so first try dissabling arts

    K > control center > sound & multimedia > sound system > uncheck "enable the system"

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    Your mom

    Now if i could just get some REASONABLE fps counts in glxgears... 2600 just doesnt seem high enough

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