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    entropy broke after update

    I just wanted to install banshee but entropy wanted me to do a huge update of about 2 gig, close to a full system update. Supposedly it needed to for all the dependencies, although I can't imagine it needed all that for banshee to work. So I did the update, took about 2 or 3 hours, then when it was finished entropy broke. It wouldn't load and some other programs wouldn't load either, what gives? I've used debian based systems, red hat based systems, opensuse (not sure what flavor it is, read it is it's own flavor), and a bunch of others, never having an issue like this befoe. Is this an entropy issue or is it a fluke?

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    Seems like some dependencies are broken.
    Try running this:
     emerge --ask --update --deep --with-bdeps=y @world && revdep-rebuild -- --ask
    revdep-rebuild is part of the app-portage/gentoolkit package so if you don't have that, you should emerge that first.

    the first command basically checks all packages for updates and includes their dependencies, it is usually a good idea to run this command after installing packages that touch a lot of libraries.

    revdep-rebuild is a nice tool that checks for broken dependencies and will even build a conf file to feed to portage so that it can automatically emerge the broken packages.

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