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    /usr/share/doc/xorg-server-${version}/xorg.conf.example.bz2. ?howto?

    I am trying to configure xorg-server. There is an example config in:


    I am guessing I may have to do something like this..:

    tar xvjpf /usr/share/xorg-server-1.10.4-r1/xorg.conf.example.bz2

    Is my guess even close?

    Also, I seem to be overposting, or posting to frequently. I hope I am not being rude and or violating any rules.

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    Here is a link I am trying to follow:

    Here is what I tried

    tar tvfj /usr/share/doc/xorg-server-$ 1.10.4-r1/xorg.conf.example.bz2 I get tar child error is not recoverable. That is where I am stuck at now.
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    You can post as much as you long as they are legitimate questions.
    I always use the Gentoo handbook, it keeps things simple and it helps other people following along.

    Gentoo Linux Documentation -- The X Server Configuration HOWTO
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