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    Help with creating /root filkesystem with 200GB and /var with 100GB.

    --- Physical volume ---
    PV Name /dev/sda5
    VG Name VolGroup00
    PV Size 1.80 TB / not usable 17.03 MB
    Allocatable yes (but full)
    PE Size (KByte) 32768
    Total PE 58907
    Free PE 0
    Allocated PE 58907
    PV UUID DwT4lJ-r4Vu-L6zX-ocm7-zbaB-d18o-L8JmIK

    --- Physical volume ---
    PV Name /dev/sda1
    VG Name VolGroup00
    PV Size 39.19 MB / not usable 7.19 MB
    Allocatable yes
    PE Size (KByte) 32768
    Total PE 1
    Free PE 1
    Allocated PE 0
    PV UUID P17v3I-fZPv-SSaq-NwgW-hW7C-7wz5-JBD2x2

    How do i make root amd var.

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    What is the output of
    fdisk -l
    vgdisplay -v
    df -h
    Looking at your current output, I don't see that you have any free physical extents, except on sda1 which only has 1 extent free (32MB). Typically, sda1 is /boot, and is a standard ext partition (not a PV)

    I would need to see your storage layout in better detail to give you any advice as to how to provision storage for /root and /var
    The commands I referenced should give me a better idea as to what you may need to do.

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