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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankM View Post
    Back again, lol, guess I will have to start from scratch again and use Parted to partition my disk. When I did the fdisk command for my drive this is what I got back: "Unable to read /dev/sdd4: inappropriate ioctl for device". Yet fdisk does come back with good results for my other drives. Maybe the fdisk on the install cd is messed up. I am using the install cd, not the live dvd.

    The "emerge" commands also would not work, told me command not found.

    The drive is an exchange for a faulty one from Seagate, so it is reconditioned, maybe that is a problem, but I hope not.

    Hopefully I will have this sytem up and running by tomorrow, will keep you posted.
    Is the livecd configured for a 32-bit or 64-bit system?
    The livecd works only in the system with the same architecture.

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    To make this a bit easier on yourself, you should use a Ubuntu or a Fedora livecd to do the Gentoo install. Nice GUI environment so you can surf the web and look for answers while you install. I haven't used the Gentoo CD since 2005.

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