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    How to install free vmware server on gentoo using command line?


    I require to install vmware server on a gentoo machine.
    The server is already installed with many other packages, and really not looking to mess up anything.

    Packages I found installed that I am not sure if they can be used are:

    //As I understand Layman can be used for any other builds
    so that it doesn't touch the core configuration.

    Latest version available: 2.0.0_rc3
    Latest version installed: 2.0.0_rc3
    Size of files: 72 kB
    Homepage: []LAYMAN([]
    Description: Tool to manage Gentoo overlays
    License: GPL-2

    Latest version available: 264.4
    Latest version installed:
    Size of files: 0 kB
    Homepage: []VMware Virtualization Software for Desktops, Servers & Virtual Machines for Public and Private Cloud Solutions[]
    Description: VMware kernel modules
    License: GPL-2

    How do I find which virtual machines are installed if there are any, as I am not sure on this.

    What will be the procedures to install vmware server, and is building it on layman better?

    The configuration for the vmware server are as follows:

    Will require to add a ubuntu virtual machine, and
    make it that I can ssh into it and not the gentoo physical machine.

    also binding it to to active directory will it be done also on the virtual machine or can it be done that it will use the setup from the physical machine.

    Will really appreciate any assistance into this.


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    I can help with the installing VMware server part but the rest you'll need help with. There may be missing parts to your install.
    VMware Server - Gentoo Linux Wiki
    I'm not sure if you need to use layman or not but you'll need root access.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I have root access.
    Is Layman good? or better going without layman?

    I want it to be possible for me to ssh into the virtual machine as well, so the virtual machine should get a different ip so that it can be accessed parralel to the physical machine. Also I guess active directory authentication will have to be set up on the virtual machine as well.

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