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Thread: USE error

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    Hmm.. ok
    I guess I should get back to my books
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    I tried to use the Gentoo forum which is helpless sometimes, and someone suggested this for the USE problem I had before:

    That is just when there is not one.Are you trying to create package.keywords,then cd /etc/portage touch package.keywords

    After I did this when I try to install kde i get an error message that says /etc/portage/...... does not exist. Do you think he gave me wrong info?
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    Since stage1 compiles the whole system from source, you can't get it for something as specific as "Pentium" or "AthlonXP", you just get the generic x86 version, and then set the CHOST and CFLAGS accordingly. i.e. "-march=athlonxp" should be under CFLAGS if you're using an AthlonXP cpu.
    And for Hyperthreading, make sure you enable that option in the kernel for it. I can't remember what it was, but I it said something about multi-processer support, but if you look under the help section for it, it mentions you need it for hyperthreading too.
    I'd also check the GCC manual for pentum specific optimization CFLAGS (there's a link to it in the Gentoo Handbook).
    As for USE flags, always use "emerge -pv <package>" to see what flags will get used. There's a lot more than what's on their page, and many of them are unique to one package, like xvmc with mplayer.
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