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    Problem booting with new kernel

    I just upgraded to kernel 3.11.6 from 3.10.7-r1. Once i reboot the kernel was loading fine but then it started throwing a couple errors but i couldnt really read them because it just went through so fast. It brought me to the login but it wasn't right, the hostname was unknown, the domain was unknown, and when i logged in it was acting kind of strange like just displaying the $ sign with no name or anything then id hit enter and then my username would finally pop up with the $. Also i found my /boot was not mounted and my root filesystem was read only until i remounted it manually. Is there anyway i can get those errors from a log file so i can post them on here? Or does anyone have an idea on whats wrong?

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    try /var/log/messages

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    Rule 1 - when installing a new kernel, first make a full bit copy of the system drive.
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