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    Formatting Isuue

    I have a device that runs Linux Gentoo,

    I need to format this device, removing Gentoo and installing Debian.

    I am a beginner in Linux.

    How to do that??

    Thanks in Advanced

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    Gentoo and Debian are both operating systems so the simplest way to 'remove' Gentoo is to format the partition/partitions on which it resides and install Debian to the same partition/partitions. You should be able to do this during the installation of Debian. Make sure you know which partition/partitions you want to use, particularly if there is another operating system/systems on the computer. You don't 'remove' Gentoo or other operating systems, you simply format the partition/partitions on which it resides.

    If you would prefer to format before installing Debian, you should be able to do that with GParted, software for partitioning which should be on the Debian installation medium. I know this is general information but you haven't really posted enough detail on your setup for anyone to be more specific.

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    Why do you want to remove Gentoo? It is as capable as Debian, and gives you a lot more control. Being a beginner to Linux I can understand wanting to go with a distribution that doesn't require so much knowledge, but that's the (in my opinion) the lazy way out!

    In any case, installing a new distribution usually will provide you the option to use the entire disc and ignore any previously installed system software on it, making the new installation re-partition the disc and install as it thinks is best.
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    i have to agree with ruberman on this one, dont format it... gentoo's heavily wiki driven, and has excellent documentation... if this fails, most of arch's documentation also applies to gentoo. i suggest you unetbootin a live ubuntu or live debian usb flash key. i use xubuntu usb keys to install funtoo/gentoo, that contains install scripts.

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