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    Angry Massive headache trying to install systemd

    I'm very now to Gentoo I've been trying day and night for 7 days now to install a systemd/Gentoo system without any luck. It's been really easy to install Gentoo with openRC because it's the default init system. Here are the steps that I used to install systemd but it's still not used as the default init system.

    1.Configure kernel as directed in systemd Gentoo page.
    2. Built an initramfs with "genkernel --install --udev --no-ramdisk-modules initramfs"
    3. simlinked "ln -sf /proc/self/mounts /etc/mtab"
    3. Installed sys-apps/dbus with a -systemd USE flag
    4. Installed sys-apps/systemd with "udev dbus systemd bindist mmx sse sse2 alsa dvd X qt gtk -kde gnome" USE flags
    5.added "
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd" to /etc/default/grub
    6. Added "real_init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd" to grub entry in /boot/grub/grub.cfg
    7. reboot

    But each time it still boots up with openRC? What steps did I miss? Please help? I've had so little sleep trying to solve this problem.

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    I have "fond" memories of installing Gentoo for the first time. It is not simple, but you will get a system that is just what you ordered once you do get it working. My first effort took weeks to get installed and working more or less as I wanted. Unfortunately for you, that was about 10 years ago! Things have changed a lot since then. Systemd is pretty much default for most systems now. My best suggestion is that you start from scratch again (wipe disc and start over), and re-read the documentation in detail. I do know that it took me about 2 weeks of Sundays and a number of efforts to get Gentoo installed properly. Once I did though, it was awesome!

    Good luck.
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    A lot of programs still require OpenRC, and it is no secret that Gentoo/Funtoo are trying to stay away from Systemd. It works, yes, but it will take some configuring.

    But you will have to keep openrc no matter what, because of the stuff that depends on it, and it will likely not change in Gentoo.

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    My solution was easy for me, I had Gnome and KDE (which is what I use), so I simply got rid of gnome and remained on openRC. Works great that way.

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