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    Angry how to copy from a live cd to HD

    So, I follow this YouTube tutorial titled called Install Gentoo- the Complete Guide and about 12-13 mins into it I have a problem.

    I can't go any further because its a read-only file system:

    Screenshot (94).png

    Screenshot (93).png

    I did some research and found that I am copying the file system. However, I want to be able to copy it into the RIGHT /bin/bash folder on the hard disk. Right now its copying to the one in the vm. Could someone tell me what to read to be able to copy the read-only file system so I can edit the copy? I want to know the right way of doing that. I get the error when I try to chroot into the new environment.

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    Re: how to copy from a live cd to HD

    I tried copying it to the hard disk and it still says its a read-only file system. And it still denies my permissions.

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    well, for a start /bin/bash shouldn't be a folder at all. Bash is a program, one of the most important programs on Linux. It's otherwise known as the shell and you deleted it and created an empty folder in its place. I can see that you had a problem running bash when you chrooted, but deleting the program hardly counts as a solution! Now you have no shell on your hard drive, so you can't chroot at all.

    You can't recover from here; you'll have to delete the contents of the partition and install the skeleton Gentoo system again. But first check that the tarball you downloaded contains the right version of Gentoo, i.e. one compatible with your live disc.

    An "exec format error" usually occurs when you try to chroot from a 32-bit to a 64-bit system or vice versa. Chroot only works when both OS's have the same architecture. That's because you are still using the source partition's kernel along with the destination partition's programs and libraries.

    Installing Gentoo is a tricky business. You usually have to try more than once before you get it to work. I think it took me three goes. In your case I think a bit of preliminary reading up on the Linux file system would help a lot.
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    Gentoo is not a good choice for a first Linux installation. Nor a second or third. Try Debian or Ubuntu.

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    If Hell bent on running Gentoo with inexperience thrown in.

    exGENT 64/32 bit Linux Live DVD

    Edit: maybe gruven will read this thread. So be patient.
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    Hazel had the answer. You are trying to install a 64 bit Gentoo onto a 32 bit virtual machine. That is why you got the format error.

    My advice is that if you want to install Gentoo, start with the handbook. No shortcuts because honestly the handbook doesn't take that long to get a base install up and running since you don't even really have to configure the kernel yourself, you can use genkernel.

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