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    Gentoo rsync mirror tutorial

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    The howto at rsync ( is for OFFICIAL public mirrors! It can confuse a user wanting a LOCAL LAN mirror! There is an app-admin/gentoo-rsync-mirror ebuild that is currently outdated and possibly insecure!!
    Looks to me that the ebuild could cause problems. I have followed the howto on and it works *very* well.
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    dunno about the wiki but i did the local rsynce thing last year....and it is awsome everything sync's to my server/gateway/dns/rsync/gentoo mirror box.......only one emerge sync needed!
    then the rest sync to it.

    then however i also have a local what do u say gentoo mirror on that same box so i emerge -f uD world on that box then all the other boxen get what they need from it!...however thin is inpractile if you dont run mostly the same packages on all the boxen ,because u will forever be emerging something -f to the gentoo mirror untill you have all the extrapackages for the other boxen(only applies if u are on the road and emerged something new to your lappie( so the next time you will have to emerge it -f to the mirror)) though some will say have a full mirror...i say that is what 40gig at this time and a waste of space
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    You *can* benefit from having a local package mirror, though, if you have it serve up what it needs. This way you have some basics like libraries and servers that every box probably runs.
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