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    Gento - LiveCD network problems

    Hey guys,

    I was able to load the e100 driver and get it to see the card, dhcpcd is unable to allocate en IP address, I configured the card manually:
    ifconfig eth0 broadcast netmask up
    This assigns the IP to the card, but I cannot ping anything at all....

    Checking the stats using ifconfig eth0 I see no packets coming in or going out...
    dmesg shows:
    e100: eth0 e100_watchdog: link up, 100mbps, full-duplex

    I was wondering... will a Linksys router have ports set to full-duplex?
    That would explain my prob.

    Anyone with other suggestions?


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    I cannot get the darn card to work.. I even tried the onboard Realtek 8139 and another intel nic.. still would not send enything over the network.

    BTW... my board is using Nforce3 chipset
    lsmod shows:
    e100 27136 0
    mii 3200 0

    ethtool -S eth0 returns all RX and TX packets to 0

    The cards all work fine onder SuSE ...sniff!

    Please HELP Wink


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    for the realtek nic try
    modprobe 8139too
    then either config it by hand or use
    net-setup eth0 or eth1
    depending on which nic it is(the one on the mobo is usualy eth0) then start the nic
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