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    Emerging problems

    I am trying a stage3 installation, with no network. I copied the binary packages over and can see them in usr/portage/packages and all of em are there. But everytime I try to emerge, gentoo replies that I do not have right binary packages. Here it goes like this...

    #emerge -k sys-kernel/gentoo-sources

    and I get... that it cannot find the site

    with... emerge -K sys-kernel/gentoo-sources

    I get

    "There are no binary packages to satisfy sys-kernel/gentoo-sources
    Either add a suitable binary package or compile from an ebuild."

    Plus, when gentoo does search for a website, the package that it looks to download is one that I have.

    Oh, I'm going crazy, so help me out

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    by default, packages are downloaded to /usr/portage/distfiles, so try copying them there.

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    and i'd recomend using the gentoo-dev-sources (the 2.6.x kernel)
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    To use the -k or -K options with emerge you have to set up an environment variable PKGDIR, which in you case would be usr/portage/packages, so do these things:

    export PKGDIR=usr/portage/packages
    emerge -K sys-kernel/gentoo-sources

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    Quote Originally Posted by loft306
    and i'd recomend using the gentoo-dev-sources (the 2.6.x kernel)
    If you have more recent portage-snapshots, gentoo-sources is the 2.6 kernel. On my gentoo, gentoo-sources is 2.6.11-r5, and gentoo-dev-sources don't exist in the portage-three...

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    gentoo-sources is 2.6.11-r6 now, nice that they made 2.6 the default!
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    Quote Originally Posted by genesus
    gentoo-sources is 2.6.11-r6 now, nice that they made 2.6 the default!
    I found out that gentoo-dev-sources dont exist no more when i tried updating to rhe r4 kernel i think it was. if i remember correctly that was the first kernel that was 2.6.x in the gentoo-sources pkg instead of gentoo-dev-sources
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