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Thread: Network - NVNET

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    Network - NVNET


    I have a problem with my network card, everything was ok during the installation, but after the 1st reboot the card is not working anymore.

    I receive this error message during boot :

    *Bringing eth0 up via DHCP

    *ERROR: Problem starting needed services
    * "netmount" was not sarted

    I read somewhere that i need to emerge NVNET, but if i do :
    emerge nvnet --> i receive this error message :

    "There is no ebuilds to satisfy nvnet"

    Is there a way to solve this problem ?

    Thank you

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    ok, do the following and include ALL output:
    if that gives you the netmount error:
    again, include ALL output from each of those commands.

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    When i run /etc/init.d/net.eth0 the output is more than one page, so i cannot see all the output.

    I can only see Configurations Files and Management with text of what i can do in these parts.

    For the netmount command... i receive "Command not found".

    I forgot to tell that my network card is a nVidia onboard, on a ASUS A7N8X (nForce2).

    Thank you

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    If you outside of X, you can scroll up by pressing Shift+PageUp, and what kind of errors does it output.

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    If i use /etc/init.d/net.eth0 start or "restart" i get :

    * Bringing eth0 up via DCHP... [!!]

    I also have an onboard 3COM 3C920B.. and i think i can make it work with the 3c59x module, but at boot i receive "Failed to load 3c59x"

    Shift+PageUp, i wrote this in my book... first try at Linux, learning everyday

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